Guten tag motherfucker.
Chris Demarais


what if Bro is really insecure because it’s his first time actually having a relationship and(afraid of losing John to his poor relationship-skills) he constantly tells John he loves him  

but John is just unresponsive for the most part because “i love you”s are silly, so Bro has a breakdown because oh no wHAT IF HE DOESN’T LOVE ME OH NO DO I SMELL OF OLD MAN

GARNiDELiA - ambiguous
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the full version is finally out

*heavy breathing*

5 Days Until Red vs Blue season 12



A handy reference guide!

And I totally heard Gandalf in my head reciting the names

"A.I…. What’s the A stand for?" "Artificial." "And what’s the I-" "Intelligence." "Ohhhh…. What was the A again?"



It’s the end of Red vs Blue.

Church gets deleted.

The last shot is seen through his eyes, at a dark silhouette nobody else can see.

Screen goes black.

“I told you, you’d see me again, Leonard.”




So the attack on titan dub comes out on prom night…..


Guess whose staying home that night.


Well its either stay home an watch a show I like, or go to a party were I don’t have a date, can’t dance, and don’t really like the music thats going to be played.

Andrew Gold - Spooky Scary Skeletons (The Living Tombstone's Remix) Extended Mix
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So the attack on titan dub comes out on prom night…..

Guess whose staying home that night.